About Us

PT INDOMESIN TRIDAYA BANGSA is one of the leading private company in Indonesia that dealing with many military projects. We’re strong in military engineering development, military special vehicle and engine power pack. Our workshop located on Sentul Area, about 50 km from Central Jakarta.

Mercedes Benz Defence Business Partner & Bodybuilder. In 2015, we had a strategic partnership with the biggest truck manufacturer in the world – Mercedes Benz – to
introduce Mercedes defence vehicle in Indonesia. Indomesin will bring Mercedes Defence ag to Indonesian MOD, Armed Forces and National Police. As one of Mercedes bodybuilder, we’re authorized to assembly some modules, making sub frame and special body parts to any Mercedes Defence project in Indonesia.

Power Pack System. We did some modication, upgrading and production of Military Special Vehicle such as Tanks (AMX-13, BTR-50), reconnaissance vehicle (GARDA Indonesian Humvee) and light vehicle (Beijing BJ-2020, Land Rover, CJ7). We had an extensive experiences dealing with these kind of vehicle and dealing with Military standard requirement that needed by our client. We also had quite a lot of experiences dealing with Indonesian Navy to do some Engine/ Gearbox overhauling projects. You can nd our overhauling projects activity in our separate brochure.

Control & Mechatronics System. PT Respati Solusi Rekatama, as our sister company is specialized in various control/ mechatronics system development, such as Tank Turret, Control, Fire Control System, Remote weapon system, etc.