Tank Transporter & Special Trailers

Indomesin is an Authorized and Business Partner of the number one trailer manufacturer in the world, DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmBH. In order to fullll 35% local content mandatory regulation from the Government, we offering you a Joint Production Tank Transporter & special trailers that can rotate freely to follow head truck movement. With pneumatic suspension, and 24 tyres, this transporter will easily takes any tanks anywhere in the battlefield.

Besides traditional tank transporter trailer, we had a Hooked Lift system transporter that adopted the NATO’s Palletized Load System (PLS). This system put any cargo on top of 20 feet atrack/ full size container, hooked the platform and mounting it on top of Mercedes truck. This makes all kind of equipment/ logistic supply can be easily transported since they had the same size.

For Mercedes extreme offroad vehicle such as Unimog and Zetros, DOLL had a very special torsion resistance platform bodies. This platform is made to protect any sensitive cargo behind Unimog/Zetros from high shock when this vehicle hits very rough terrain. This torsion resistance bodies can avoid upper platform from twisting, making troops feel much better when this vehicle making extreme offroad.